Swimming Pool Maintenance Services

Efficient Pool Care Services at Your Doorstep

Summer is the time of year when you love to spend most of the time running, leaping and playing in the pool, and when you see your pool being out of order, you get upset. We are here to rescue you in the hot blazing summer. Our swimming pool refurbishment services are up to the mark to provide your swimming pool with the sufficient care it deserves.

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Professional Swimming Pool Servicing

Are you in need of a little upgrading or rejuvenation of your swimming pool? Our swimming pool maintenance service providers make every effort to restore your pool’s elegance, beauty, and sparkle. We have the necessary material in our store to accommodate your needs. Whether it’s brand-new tiles, coping, plaster, plaster polish, or new finishes for the pool, we’ve got you covered.

Signs That You Need Professional Pool Cleaning Services
People generally do not have time or finances or are not well aware of the warning signs for the adequate maintenance of pools. When it comes to pool maintenance, the colour of water has several tell-tale indicators that warn you to get swimming pool repair services.

Discoloured Water 

Water discolouration is one of the most obvious indications that your pool requires cleaning. The stagnant water has algae or other impurities that change the colour of the water. Our swimming pool service providers frequently use an appropriate mix of solutions to remove algae and provide you with clean water for swimming.

Itching in Eyes While Swimming 

Slight irritation in the eyes is normal during swimming, but uncleaned water touching your skin for a long duration of time can cause a skin disease hot tub rash. Negative reactions to pool water are frequently brought on by the microorganism Pseudomonas aeruginosa; our swimming pool repair services include regular checking of swimming pools to provide you chemically balanced water for swimming.

Why Cleaning a Tank Becomes a Necessity?

Any filthy pool can potentially source dangerous germs that can cause various health problems, including increasing chronic diseases. When your pool remains uncleaned for a long duration of time, it will show the following signs

  • Your pool will get stains, and it will sting your eyes.
  • Deteriorate filters and pool pumps, causing other parts to fail
  • The stagnant water includes a variety of bacteria and viruses that can put your health at risk.
  • Causes serious health issues, including infections of the nose, throat, and ears.

Our swimming pool service includes all essential tune-ups to bring back your pool to functioning condition. In particular, during summer we advise cleaning your pool on monthly basis. Our service providers take special care to maintain pH levels in your pool and treat it with ultra-modern equipment and chemicals.

Pool Maintenance and Cleaning Services

You probably prefer swimming in your pool over cleaning it when it comes to pool care. However, we make pool maintenance and cleaning easy for you. Our swimming pool maintenance services include both cleaning and filtration. Using a modern pool cleaning kit makes it simple and effective for you to maintain your swimming pool while using fewer chemicals. Our secret to a well-maintained, beautiful pool is the effective combination of cleaning and filtration. Our professional crew providing swimming pool maintenance services is well equipped with the essential items of cleaning and filtration such as deep and flat leaf skimmer nets for swimming pools, wall brushes, algae brushes, vacuum heads, adjustable telescopic poles, backwash hoses and vacuum hose reels.

Quality Pool Resurfacing 


Pool Remodelling 

Are you planning to change the look or improve the design of your existing swimming pool? With our knowledgeable swimming pool specialists, PPM Engineering London is the right choice for this job.

Pebble Tech Pools

Pool resurfacing materials need a lot of upkeep and only last between 5 and 10 years before they need to be replaced but our premium quality pebble tech pools can last for more than 20 years if good maintenance is provided. Our swimming pool maintenance contractors are able to perform any renovation, including re-plastering and re-tiling.

Why Choose Us for This Service?

For residential and commercial swimming pool maintenance, we offer top-notch services to keep your pool clean through the summer months and beyond. We are dedicated to satisfy your needs by providing

  • High-quality swimming pool services
  • Customisable maintenance plans as per your need
  • Top quality and expertise you can rely on
  • Ultra-modern equipment for all maintenance facilities

We're here to help you get started in the right time whenever you need