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Shower Repairs

We have served London for over 30 years, tending to drainage and plumbing needs. We consider it our cardinal responsibility to equate your price and our service value, if not surpass it. You can rest assured that we will show up on time, do our job, and clean up afterwards. We understand how easily years-long trust can get damaged. And we strive to sustain it as long as we are in service. 

Quality Shower Repair Service

A shower breaks, and your schedule goes down the drain. The reason is that showers are a staple in every household; you need access to hot and cold water to wash and bathe yourself and your pets, and relax. However, if your bathroom has witnessed the good old days and now faces malfunction, it is time to fix a few things. 

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Showers can be complicated because of the number of components working together. Common breakdowns include pipe bursts or leaks, head not functioning, failure of the whole fixture, or inefficient drainage by shower pan or bathtub. You might want to contact us if you are seeking local shower repairs for any problems. We can help diagnose and fix the issue as a shower repair company. 

We deal in different kinds of showers

  • Electric Shower Repair
  • Mixer Shower Repair
  • Power Shower Repair
  • Digital Shower Repair
  • Smart Shower Repair

Why Isn’t Your Shower Working?

Several factors contribute to a shower malfunction. These may manifest in the following ways:

  • Low Water Pressure

Poor water results from dirty showerheads or clogged pipes because of the dirt or limescale. Other times, it boils down to the fact that your home is far away from the source of water supply. Yet, other reasons might include the quantity of water used by your neighbours or how hilly your location is.  

If dirt or limescale is the cause, get them cleaned out to solve the problem. If it does not work, you will have to determine whether the reason is any external factor. 

Reach out to your water supplier if you have established that external factors such as location and distance are at play. Yet, the problem could be a little more intricate, extending to the pipework at your place. Get a professional plumber hired in such a case.

  • Pipe Leakage

A leaking pipe may or may not cause low pressure in water that leaves your shower. Leaking showers may result from failing components and be detected near showerheads or faucets. These cause substantial damage to your home if left unchecked. The signs of leaking pipes show on the stained tiles below the water supply or onto the room’s floor beneath the bathroom. 

Once you have detected signs of leakage at home, contact a professional right away to go for a leaking shower repair and keep yourself from any serious anguish. Our plumber will ascertain the best leaking shower repair method, having examined the faucets and internal pipework working, or consider shower head replacement if the problem is not sorted.

  • No Water

Several reasons can contribute to a lack of water from a showerhead: limescale or dirt build-up, or damaged valves or pipes. However, if the issue comes and goes, the reason might be your water provider. 

If an obstructed showerhead is the reason, you may simply go for clearing it up. But if the approach doesn’t work out, contact a shower leak repair company for your bathroom shower repair. They may recommend a new valve reparation of some of the pipes within the wall to sort out the issue. 

  • Alternately Running Hot and Cold Water

A clogged showerhead or the inlet filter might cause the issue. Also, a defective shower hose or malfunctioning non-return valve can be an explanation too. 

Like in the case of no water, the reason behind this issue can again be a blocked showerhead, for which simply clearing it up, or the inlet filter might eradicate the problem. But if the issue persists, get a professional plumber’s services for your shower panel repair or replacement; after probing the fixtures, they will be able to ascertain if it is the shower hose or the non-return valve that is faulty. 

  • Bursts of Hot Water

If the shower permanently provides hot water, there are chances of an inlet filter blockage or the non-return valve’s malfunction. Another possibility can be a defective thermostatic valve cartridge. 

A mixer shower continuously running hot water can be fixed by clearing out any blockage within the inlet filter or non-return valve. Yet, if the source of the problem lies in the thermostatic shower valve, you will require a new one, although, in some instances, a replacement costing higher than getting a new shower might be kept in mind.

  • Chillingly Cold Water

If the shower is permanently providing cold water, the same explanation is applicable: there are chances of an inlet filter blockage or the non-return valve’s malfunction, yet another possibility being a defective thermostatic valve cartridge. 

The same approach concerning hot water applies to permanently running cold water too. And you will have to compare the replacement and new shower prices if the fault lies in the thermostatic cartridge.  

  • Water Dripping with Turned-Off Shower

This is a common issue that plumbers deal with. Most of the time, there are problems with the seal, flow or thermostatic cartridge. 

Such a scenario would likely need a professional service. Get a reliable plumber to sort the issue by installing a new seal, flow cartridge, or thermostatic valve.  

  • Rattling Noises

There can be a loud hum or rattling noise from the showers. Such sounds hint at a problem that needs reckoning with. One of the reasons can be loose fittings and pipes.

A simple approach to this problem can be tightening up everything as securely as possible. Another method might be to adjust the mixing valve. And to do it optimally, you will need a trained professional. 

  • Noxious Smell

Showers emanating foul smells can signify mould build-up or even an infestation.

If the smell springs from your drains or plugholes, it would require a plumber’s attention to exactly pinpoint the cause and deliver a rapid solution. 

We're here to help you get started in the right time whenever you need