Heat Pump Installers London

Heat Pump Installers London

Efficient Heat Pump Services Instzallation and Repairs

Are you looking for ways to reduce carbon footprints while staying in comfort?  We at PPM Engineering London totally understand your concern and recommend you to consider installing heat pumps.  Whether you want to replace your current heating system or install a totally new system, our heat pump replacement in London tackles replacement by installing heat pumps that efficiently transfer thermal energy from air into a compressor. If a problem arises, our friendly and professional technicians are on hand to provide dependable installation, repairs and replacements.

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Installation of ground heat pumps

Through efficient ground heat pump installation, you can quickly transform your home. Although the process is laborious, but you can generate four times the amount of heat as compared to electrical energy used to power the system circulation pumps. This particular feature of ground heat pumps makes them the most dependable and environment friendly renewable heat energy source.  Our heat pump installers London are proficient in installing ground source heat pumps without causing damage to your property. Furthermore, our ground heat pumps in London feel heavy on your pocket initially, but they are a long-term cost-saving solution.

What are the reasons for the malfunctioning of heat pumps?

Heat pumps operate throughout the year in your offices and homes to fulfil all your heating and cooling needs. While heat pumps can save a large chunk of your money but at the same time, if not maintained properly, they can be heavy on your pocket too. Over the years, a heat pump is prone to abrade and eventually causes various problems. Our heating engineers are at your service to solve the following problems:

Unusual noise from heat pumps

Over time heat pumps begin to make unusual noises; it is crucial to notice the minor warning signs before they become bigger problems. If your heat pump is making humming noises and sounds like squealing or grinding, turn to us to solve this issue. Faulty compressors or worn-out motor bearings are the major issues that arise from humming noises. In such cases, turn off the heating unit instantly to further prevent damage and call our heat pump repair London team to solve your issue instantly.

Refrigerant leaks

The working of a heat pump is similar to an air conditioner; it typically transfers heat from one location to another. A leak in refrigerant causes various problems if not tackled at the right point in time.

A leak in the refrigerant line means that heat is not transferred properly, which causes severe damage to the compressor and affects the working of your heating and cooling system.  Our heat pump installers London are able to repair leaks for the efficient working of your system.

Broken reversing valve

The ultimate power of reversing valve allows you to change between heating and cooling mode as per the weather conditions.  However, failure to change the position of reversing valve prevents you from switching between heating and cooling modes and becomes a source of stress for many homeowners.  Make sure you avail heat pump repair London services, and if you ever notice a decrease in heating or cooling power, contact our professionals for timely services.

Frosted outdoor unit

Whenever winter approaches, it is common for layers of ice frost on your outdoor unit.  However, too much ice hampers the working of heat pumps, causing all sorts of problems.  If this occurs, it is necessary to contact our heat pump repair London services immediately to stop system failure. 

Why hire efficient Air Source Heat Pump Installers in London?

Our local air source heat pump servicing in London is of top-notch quality to provide you best heat pumps. Unlike a refrigerator which absorbs the inside heat, our air source heat pumps use heat from the outside. It absorbs heat from the air with temperatures as low as 15 ˚C.

When winter arrives and you require a more expedient heating system than portable heating units, hiring our expert professionals for air source heat pump installation in London makes the perfect sense.  Our fast and reliable services help you in the easy and quick installation of air source heat pumps.

 What do air source heat pumps do to you and your home?

  • Our highly efficient air heat pumps lower your electricity bills, especially when it is replaced with an electric heating system.
  • Require little or no maintenance and are called as fit and forget technology.
  • It is difficult to install, but it significantly reduces the carbon footprints in your home.

We're here to help you get started in the right time whenever you need