Holiday Home Maintenance Services

Holiday Home Maintenance Services

Whether you want residential home maintenance services or maintenance services for your holiday home business, you can be sure that you will find our services to be highly useful. We have a highly experienced team of people belonging to various professions, including electricians, plumbers, engineers, and many more. Our in-house team is managing several businesses around the United Kingdom. Moreover, our technicians are certified and accredited by their relative regulatory authorities. Our engineers are registered as gas safe, while our electricians are certified by the NICEIC. There are many aspects of effective property maintenance and all need to be managed properly in order to ensure that your property stays in an immaculate condition.

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Effective Maintenance of utilities

Utility maintenance is extremely important for your holiday home. Your guests will not like unpleasant surprises such as no water pressure or no electricity. Every property consists of utility networks such as electric, plumbing, water supply, gas supply, wifi, etc. A good holiday home business will make sure that all utility networks are working properly. From supplying hot water during the winters to providing air conditioning in the summers, from an uninterrupted supply of gas to other necessities, our professional and dedicated team will take care of everything. Our regular inspections will ensure that your guests enjoy all the comfort and luxuries of a holiday home. Avail of our holiday home maintenance services and get rid of stress.

Ensuring safety

Any holiday home must create the safest environment for its guests. All such installations and supplies which can be dangerous need to be checked. Our professional home maintenance professionals will do a thorough inspection of your gas supply network to check for any leakages of carbon monoxide or natural gas. They will also check all parts for any signs of corrosion. Any short-circuiting in your electric networks will be repaired immediately. Your fire alarms and security alarm systems will be inspected. In short, everything that works to ensure the safety of your guests and your property will be inspected.

Internal cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance of your holiday home’s interior will include all the rooms, fixtures, furniture, etc. For instance, your kitchen and bathroom floors will be cleaned and sanitised. All fixtures, such as sinks, bathtubs, sanitary wares, etc., will be cleaned. The drainage system of every bathroom and kitchen will be cleaned. Other services include:

  • Mattress cleaning
  • Loft cleaning
  • Inspection of gas appliances
  • Inspection of electrical appliances.
  • HVAC maintenance and cleaning
  • Cleaning of furniture
  • Carpet/floor cleaning
  • Walls repairing/repainting
  • Boiler servicing

We are authorised to provide you with all services related to gas appliances, such as the installation of boilers. All our engineers are registered as gas safe. We can also provide you with periodic inspections required for landlord’s gas safety certificate.

Exterior repairs and maintenance

As an essential part of our holiday home maintenance services, our trained personnel will check your exterior paint and provide touching or repainting, depending on the condition. Cracks in your walls can damage your infrastructure in the long run. If your walls require repairs, our team members are trained enough to carry them out. Other external maintenance services we provide include:

  • Garden cleaning
  • Cleaning your outdoor landscaping
  • Roof inspection and cleaning

Tailored and bespoke services

Our maintenance packages can be easily customised according to your needs. Whether you need our services on a going basis or one time, whether you need only external maintenance or internal maintenance, we can tailor our property maintenance services to meet your requirements.

Emergency maintenance services

If you require emergency home maintenance, we are available to serve you even on short notice. If you are going out of the country for a longer period and need your property to be taken care of, we can provide emergency maintenance packages. If you are expecting a sudden influx of guests for your holiday home business, we can address your emergency needs right away.

Why should you hire us for this job?

  • Endless maintenance services are available under one roof.
  • Comprehensive maintenance services for residential & commercial properties.
  • Highly customisable services to meet your needs.
  • Accredited and certified engineers and technicians.
  • Reliable and trustworthy.
  • Highly competitive rates.

So, hire our house maintenance contractors now for emergency and general house maintenance.

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