Cellar Cooling Units and Installation Services

Cellar Cooling London

An efficient cellar cooling unit is essential for various businesses such as wine sellers, florists, restaurants, hotels, etc. They can also be used in residential properties to keep your beer and winery cool. Whether you are a commercial business or want it for your home, we can provide you with the right cellar cooling system that meets your requirements.

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Customized Cellar Cooling Units to Meet Your Needs

We provide the best cellar cooling units in the United Kingdom. These units are based on self-contained systems, split systems, and ducted systems. Each system has specific features which can help you achieve perfect cooling for your inventory. Our experts will help you identify the right design depending on several factors, such as budget, temperature requirements, humidity requirements, and storage capacity.

The Best System if You Have a Low Budget

The best Cellar Cooling Unit for a low budget is a self-contained system. In these systems, all cooling components are enclosed in a single unit. These are very easy to install and uninstall. They are available in various capacities, ranging from 90 cubic feet to 2000 cubic feet. They are more suitable when you have low cooling requirements ranging from 50 to 65 ° Fahrenheit and a humidity range of 50 to 75 %. They are ideal for long-term storage and can be used for residential and small-scale domestic storage. Contact us if you want the best self-contained cellar systems at highly affordable prices.

Split System for Efficient Cooling

In a split system, the evaporator and condenser are installed separately instead of in a single unit. They are linked to each other via a liquid and suction line. They are relatively more expensive than self-contained units but allow you to place your condensing unit in remote locations. They can be floor-mounted, wall-mounted, or ceiling-mounted. We offer 50 Hz and 60 Hz models with 400-14,900 BTUs and 1055-3812 Watts, respectively. The operating temperature of our split systems ranges from 0 to 115° Fahrenheit. These systems offer incredible flexibility and are ideal for providing cellar cooling in commercial installations. Share your storage needs with us, and we will give you the best options.

Ducted Systems for Even More Flexibility and Greater Capacities

As evident from the name, the cooling components in this system can be connected through ducts which offers you immense flexibility. It also allows you to cool considerably larger storage areas; therefore, these systems are suitable for large businesses or storage facilities. The ducting also enables you to protect yourself and your customers from noise.

Cellar Maintenance and Replacement Services

We can also provide you with general servicing of your cellar systems to enhance their lifespan. If your existing system is not working properly, our experts can inspect it and provide repairs or replacements to ensure your business runs smoothly. If your cellar is not providing the right temperature and humidity, your evaporator/condenser needs servicing, or any parts need replacement, we can provide you with urgent repairs. Whether you are a cigar manufacturer or a florist, whether you sell beer or wine, you can count on our services.

Cost of Cellar Cooling Systems

We offer cellar units with high performance at affordable prices. The Cellar Cooling System Cost will depend on the type, capacity, and installation of the cellar unit. Whether you have a small storage requirement or a considerably larger one, our technicians will approach your project with the same seriousness and commitment.

Why Are Our Systems the Best?

Regardless of which cellar cooling system you choose, our cellar units have been designed to offer you maximum control over temperature and humidity. The latest control options are provided with all our units which are easy to use. Our cellar cooling systems are friendly to the environment and your wines or beers. You will also find our systems to be less noisy than others. Contact us today for highly reliable and long-lasting cellar cooling units.

Why Choose Us?

  • Highly experienced in installing cellar cooling systems.
  • Durable and reliable cooling systems.
  • Customizable options offer you great control over environmental factors.
  • All sizes and capacities are available for businesses as well as residential users.

We're here to help you get started in the right time whenever you need