Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Our air conditioning contractors specialise in providing various services, including installation, repairs, and maintenance. Air conditioners are an essential household and commercial utility. They are an effective way of regulating the indoor temperature and making it comfortable for occupants, visitors, and customers. Modern AC units employ reverse cycle technology, working as an air conditioner as well as a heater. We provide residential as well as commercial air conditioner maintenance to keep your air conditioners at optimum efficiency.

Installation of air conditioners

Whether you want domestic air conditioner installation or for a commercial site, our engineers will provide you with the right advice regarding which size of air conditioner suits you best. AC size refers to the capacity of the compressor. This is typically in tonnage and BTUs (British thermal units). A 1-ton compressor delivers 12,000 BTUs per hour. Air conditioners for residential properties typically vary from 1.0 tons to 2.5 tons.

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For commercial properties, the required tonnage is usually higher, and at times, more than one air conditioner may be required for effective temperature regulation. Our engineers will calculate the area of your room and also take into account other factors such as the number of occupants, the position of your room (direct or indirect sunlight), the floor your room is on, and climatic conditions. They will then suggest the best air conditioner for you. They will provide you with the perfect installation services and ensure that your air conditioner is installed at the right height and position to provide you with maximum temperature regulation.

Periodic servicing of air conditioners

Hiring our professional engineers for periodic air conditioning maintenance can keep your AC units in immaculate condition. AC general servicing is usually carried out once a year. The frequency might be increased depending on the weather and usage. If your AC units are not that dirty, they can be cleaned without dismantling. However, servicing usually involves dismantling the indoor unit and cleaning every part. Inspection is also carried out. The volume of coolant gas is checked and filled if required. The performance of the compressor is analysed. General servicing can prevent many problems and save you from repairs.

Sleep well with our services

Availing of our regular air conditioning maintenance services will ensure that your AC unit does not break down in the middle of the night when you need it the most. Proper compression and adequate volume of gas are imperative for a constant flow of cool air so that you can sleep well. Get in touch with us if you are facing any such difficulty.

Enhance the performance and life of your AC units

Our periodic maintenance services will keep the internal and external parts of your AC unit clean and running. Maintenance services are also a good way of identifying any repairs or replacements in time. Our maintenance services are designed to increase the performance and lifespan of your air conditioners.

Air conditioning repair services

A new AC unit will seldom require any repair or replacement services. If you get a quality brand and you carry out regular maintenance, you can expect the AC unit to provide you with effective services for the next ten years. However, surprises cannot be ruled out. Excessive usage will increase the wear & tear, and you may require repair services. The most common issues include water leakage, coolant gas leakage, broken pipes, blocked drainage pipe, and electrical issues. Our certified air conditioning engineers can provide you with repair and replacement services. Whether you require minor repairs, parts replacement, central air conditioning repair, or emergency services, you can count on us.

Emergency Availability

We not only provide local air conditioning installation but also emergency repair/replacement services around the clock. A broken-down AC unit can prove to be troublesome if the weather is hot. Call us on our registered number if you are facing any such emergency.

Material Guarantees

Most of the spare parts are covered by a warranty when you buy a new unit. If your AC requires replacement of any part, we will provide you with spare parts which are considered the best and are usually covered by a good length of warranty.

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