CCTV Installation Dagenham

CCTV Installation Dagenham

Keeping an eye on everyone

 With the core mission to improve the security of your business and home, we at PPM Engineering take pride in going above and beyond for our customers.  Whether you need a surveillance camera or access control CCTV installation Dagenham, we try our best to achieve your security objectives. Our commitment to every project is what distinguishes us from our competitors. When we take on a project that includes the integration of a security system, we use a holistic approach to install business security.

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Hidden Security CCTV Cameras Installation in Dagenham

 Do you want to install an efficient security camera system to safeguard your commercial and residential property? Would you like to see your property while being away for a while on your smartphone?  We offer hidden security cameras and a video surveillance system. Our hidden CCTV installation Dagenham systems are available in various image resolutions and integration capabilities.  These cameras are specially designed for the security of your business. Having video evidence of any illegal activity that occurs on your property will aid in the detection of the perpetrator.

CCTV maintenance and repair services

If your company discovers a problem with CCTV system, our CCTV repairs in Dagenham assist you in quick repair of cameras.  On your single call, our team of specialists will reach your location in no time.  If the problem is minor, our CCTV installation Dagenham specialists will instantly fix your problem. Our technicians perform necessary circuit repairs for issues identified within the system. Once we have determined the issue in your camera, we will run a series of diagnostic tests on the CCTV system to ensure the efficient working of your camera.

CCTV repair service is the speciality of our business; we are fully equipped to bring back the functionality of your camera while minimising downtime and saving your money. Being experts in this field, we help you to repair cameras that fit your needs, whether it’s NVR repair, DVR repair, IP camera repair, or camera controller repair. We offer reasonable pricing. Call us, and we will be delighted to speak with you.

How CCTV cameras are beneficial for your business?

Privacy concerns are always on the horizon, and CCTV cameras are a viable solution to counter this problem. With the increased privacy concerns, CCTV cameras have become a requirement for small and large-scale businesses.   Although it’s a requirement for all businesses, it is fundamentally important for small businesses where the investment is small and the risks of theft and vandalism are quite high.

With our expert CCTV installation in Dagenham in key areas of your office, you can deal with all your security concerns.  This not only serves the purpose of security but keeps all your employees focused and instils work ethics. With the correct placement of cameras by our CCTV installers in Dagenham, quality cameras are installed that clearly depict the face and appearance of everyone entering or leaving the workplace.

Crime deterrent

CCTV cameras installed at your premises discourage criminals from breaking into your home and getting involved in illegal activities like theft and vandalism. With our quality CCTV cameras installation in Dagenham, you can be carefree and rest easy in your home and office. Most criminals prefer the easy route and will target properties that are not monitored by cameras.

Ideal in conjunction with intruder alarms

 Remote monitoring of your property is only beneficial if you also have intruder alarms. Our CCTV installation Dagenham team highly recommends people to install intruder alarms for their safety. When the alarm is triggered, you will instantly receive a notification or call on your phone while you are away from your residence or office. 

Obtaining Evidence

Although most criminals are deterred by CCTV cameras, some take the risk and end up being caught on the footage. For large robberies where criminals are often involved in crimes at a bigger scale, CCTV footage is primarily used for evidence gathering and lead extraction. Our CCTV specialists in Dagenham at the time of installation guide you about all the necessary tips and tricks to watch camera footage. In a nutshell, camera footage serves as solid evidence and aids in resolution of crimes by revealing criminal’s methods.

We're here to help you get started in the right time whenever you need