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Are you in need of a premium-grade air handling units service that will boost the efficiency of your ventilating system and will greatly enhance the productivity and efficiency of the Air Handling Units UK? Do you feel overwhelmed with a plethora of choices in the market but don’t know which vendor to trust? Are you in need of a trustworthy and reliable partner that will take your AHU problems away? Well, you are in the right place. At PPM Engineering London, we ensure that you get the best servicing of your air handling unit so that you are not bothered with unscheduled breakdowns and electrical or mechanical faults arising.

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PPM Engineering London: The Best in the Business of AHU Service

We are the leading firm providing air handling units service all over the UK. We have many competitors, but none that can provide the kind of premium quality services that we provide every instance. Our team of thorough professionals maintain industry standards and meets your expectations consistently. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality services at affordable and reasonable rates.

What is an AHU?

An air handling unit is a combination of large, accessible units called modules which house the respective ventilation requirements for purifying, air conditioning or renewing the indoor air inside a building or property. These units are usually installed on the roofs of buildings and properties, and the air that is filtered out from these units enters the building through air ducts and runs through circulation. 

The Importance of AHU Servicing

In every ventilation system, an AHU of some kind is present, and managing its maintenance cycle should be kept at the utmost priority. The air quality of your property or building may be impacted by the level of servicing of the air handling systems. Most people spend most of their time indoors, and thus, great air quality provision is of the utmost need. Through time, an AHU will collect dirt and dust in its internal components, such as the fans and heating coils. This accumulation of debris will decrease the overall efficiency of the unit and will drain more electricity to maintain proper functioning. Moreover, the air quality in the building or property will decrease as well. To prevent such consequences from arising, regular maintenance of air handling units is necessary and pertinent.

How Does an AHU Function?

There are several integral functions of an air handling unit. In addition to maintaining appropriate ventilation of the internal with the outside air in a building, there are other subliminal functions of an AHU as well. An AHU controls and filters the quality of air that will interact with the internal environment of the property or building in question. This function is carried out through air purification filters. The resulting air from these filters will be relatively cleaner than the outside air. Moreover, an AHU also regulates the overall temperature of the air internally so that the air inside is neither cold nor hot but at just the right temperature. Also, AHU will measure, monitor and manage relative humidity levels inside the building or property so that the internal environment doesn’t get stuffy with excessive humidity.

Benefits of AHU Servicing or Refurbishing

An AHU will need regular servicing and refurbishment in order to maintain peak efficiency and work without facing fatal faults and issues. There are some great benefits of AHU refurbishment that need to be considered whenever thinking along the lines of maintenance of an AHU. Firstly, an AHU refurbishment will greatly reduce the cost of getting value for your money. It is a much better alternative to costly replacement by far and will enhance its existing specification and working. An AHU refurbishment will also extend the overall lifespan of the unit and will provide a more sustainable solution. You will also save money and time by investing in regular AHU servicing or refurbishing, as it will reduce the downtime of the system and will keep operations running for longer periods of time.  

Therefore, it’s high time you consider availing of our AHU servicing and refurbishment options so that you spend less in the short and long term and avoid unscheduled downtime and overhead costs. Moreover, you can also keep the AHU system running smoothly for a longer time and increase the overall shelf-life of the system. So connect with us and make this happen.

We're here to help you get started in the right time whenever you need