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Cellar cooling system designed to meet your needs

 It is crucial that your cellar cooling equipment maintains a constant temperature in your cellar for 24 hours a day and 365 days a year to keep your fresh flowers and other chilled goods safe. Our experienced cellar cooling London services do the proper analysis and evaluation, so you feel confident while getting ideal beer cellar cooling systems and equipment. We install high-quality equipment from industry leaders to make sure that the service and system will last for years.

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Commercial grade cellar cooling system

For all food and beverage industries, commercial grade cooling systems are available, such as,  for wine cabinets, large wine storage rooms and difficult spaces. Even though these are commercial systems, we offer them at a competitive price. As a result, they are also an ideal solution for residential applications where quality and dependability are critical.

What type of cellar system do we offer at PPM Engineering?

The need for a cellar cooling system typically exists in the food, beverage and hospitality industry. Our cellar cooling London aids in maintaining the proper temperature and humidity levels of your system in all sorts of temperatures. The presence of these cooling units may also benefit cigar manufacturers and furriers. Our cellar coolers in London are primarily categorised into a handful of categories:

1.   Self-contained systems

In a low budget, our self-contained cellar cooling system is best to provide a subtle temperature ranging from 50 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.  Our professionals can easily mount these cooler units in wine cellars and large storage cabinets.  The humidity range of these cellars is kept between 50 and 75 % RH.  The humidity and temperature range keeps the unit cool for a long duration of time, making it perfect for long-term storage. Using our patent technology, the temperature and humidity are controlled efficiently. We offer multiple exhaust options, including rear, top, and ducted exhaust for various installations.

2.   Split systems

Our ducted split system provides efficient air distribution and temperature control for optimal cooling of systems. Our cellar cooling in London provides an efficient split system which is vibration free, allowing for maximum flexibility in system placement and cellar design. We offer different models of ducted split systems with capacities ranging from 400 to 14,900 BTU/H in 60Hz models and 1,055 to 3,812 watts in 50Hz models. One plus feature is that it can operate in temperatures ranging from 0˚ to 115˚ Fahrenheit. Our bespoke cellar cooling installation in London suggests these cellar systems for people who want to stay away from noise and heat. With its compressors and evaporators, the split system provides greater flexibility in terms of installation.

3.   Ducted system

If a cooler needs to be placed somewhere other than the cellar, ducted systems are a good option. This system can be placed in any indoor location outside the cellar resulting in no obtrusive equipment taking up valuable space. Ducted wine room systems are ideal for larger private or commercial wine cellars. If the unit is located on the exterior of your property, ductwork is then used to supply the environment with the necessary supply of air.

What factors to look for in an ideal cellar cooling system?

Aside from the types, there are other factors you need to consider while selecting a cellar system for your business.

Digital temperature control and display

When choosing a cellar cooling system, look for the one with an electronic display and setting.  Our cellar cooling London provides an effective system with an electronic display for the ease of food and beverage industry owners.  This feature allows you to have precise and accurate control over temperature and humidity levels. With a cellar cooling system having a digital display is also useful as it allows you to quickly check and gauge the status of your cellar at all times. Look for units that have a generator in case of a power outage.

Noise level

Noise level is the most important factor when considering a cellar cooling system.  Our product range is designed in a way that won’t interrupt the functionality and ambience of your house.  We offer noise-free units with top venting.

Price range

Our cellar cooling London services are at upfront pricing. We offer variety and quality installation at the same time. The price range varies due to the following factors

  • Size of cellar unit
  • Type of cooling system
  • High power capacity units
  • Indoor and outdoor installation
  • Voltage levels

We're here to help you get started in the right time whenever you need